Whether you're on day 2 with just mildly greasy hair or have pushed that last blowout for a solid week like I do (every week), this blend of natural ingredients is a neutral tone that should work with all hair colors. Organic Kudzu Root and Sea Buckhorn berry are soothing and nourishing for hair and scalp. 

For first use, simply use a pen or other small blunt object to pop the safety tab on top.

Twist shaker top to dispense and apply to oily hair near roots. Comb through with a brush or fingers, and voila!

Use in between washings to keep hair looking and smelling fresh so that you can pretend you're not as gross as you actually are.

2 oz net weight

packaged in a biodegradable, handmade paper tube with shaker top.

ingredients: Arrowroot*, Kaolin clay, Moroccan red clay, Sea Buckhorn Berry*, Kudzu Root*, essential oils

ORIGINAL Palmarosa*, Geranium*, and Lavender*

REFRESHING - Lavender*, Peppermint*, Eucalyptus

*organic ingredient