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Lumberjack Breakfast (Cedar, Grapefruit)

Civil War (Gunpowder, Tobacco, Musk, Clove, and Woodsmoke)

Deep South (Mint, Basil, Tobacco)

Day Laborer (Cilantro and Fresh Cut Grass)


These 100% soy candles by Italic Home are 100% hand poured in small batches, scented with fresh, interesting fragrance oils, and uniquely housed in industrial paint cans.

That's all there is to it. No fuss. No frills. Just great scents.

Each candle comes in a cute miniature (8 oz) paint can sealed with a lid, and a complimentary can opener to make your life that much easier.

Some Soy Candle Basics:
- Soy is clean burning, burns longer, and usually has a stronger scent.
- It is recommended to burn the candle until at least the top layer of wax is melted each time to avoid tunneling.
- The wick should be kept trimmed to around 1/4".
- Candles should always be kept on a heat resistant surface and away from children.
- Because our cans are metal, they can become hot to the touch. If possible, avoid handling the candle until cool.


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